If you have an article or artistic submission and would like us to consider it for inclusion in future issues of Gambas Magazine. Please take a look at our publication guidelines.

Article Submission:
We graciously accept non-solicited article submission. However, we suggest that you look at our list of up-coming issues on the Future Issues page and write content that will fit one of our issue outlines. This way your article is much more likely to be included in a future issue.

Article Text: We accept text in Open Document, HTML, and Lyx (Latex) format. If using Lyx, we suggest that you stick with the default standard article class. If you need to add a special class or plugin, please notify us first as we need to ensure we can use the class before you do. If you would like to submit your article in another format please check with us first.

Article Fonts: Usually we require that an article use only standard fonts with bold or italic settings. However, if your article needs special fonts we require you to include any needed font files in a compressed folder named  <article-title-date-author-name>-fonts.

Article Images: If you include images and figures in your article we require them to be in jpeg or png format.

Article Code: If your article presents code we ask that it be included as a separate text document. This can typically be the actual project code.  If the code is simply a code snip-it, we ask that it be provided as a text file.  This allows us to format the code snip-it  to our format requirements.

Program Code: We require all articles that use more than a simple code snip-it to include a compress file of the project folder. Including all project assets needed to compile and run the project. We will verify we can compile all projects before publishing the code. We will also provide these files for download. So DO NOT PROVIDE ANY SECURE DATA in CODE PROJECTS. Instead, place a place holder in your code using angle braces “<“, “>” to surround and items that require the user to set their own values. Remember, we may not have time to find such personal data in your project. So make sure you sanitize your code before submitting it to us. We take no responsibility for publishing such information when it is included in any article or code submitted to us.

Cover Art: All cover art should be submitted in tiff or jpeg format.

  • Images must be vertically oriented or it must be possible to crop an image to show a detail in vertical format.
  • Items that originate as a standard size (e.g., 8 x 10, 5 x 7) reproduce better for the size and orientation of the cover (vertical, 6″ wide x 7 3/4″ high).
  • Items that have a distinct subject that ties to the a future issues theme are preferred over those that are strictly decorative (e.g., a design).
  • Highly detailed items (e.g., maps) are difficult to reproduce well and are generally avoided.
  • Color images are preferred.
  • The submitting institution must have the right to allow the image to be reproduced, or the image must be in the public domain.
  • If an image is made up of multiple image sources, each source image must be included a compressed fold. If the image uses layers, an editable copy of the image with layers unlocked must be provided and clearly marked.

 Compressed Folder Details: Any materials sent to Gambas Magazine should be in a compressed folder format. The folder should be named with the author’s name and should follow the format show below. If you do not have data to files for a folder you may leave it out.

  • Author Name (root folder is named after author using a hyphen, “-” place of spaces.
  • Date (submission date mm-dd-year)
    • Documents (Text of article)
      • Code-Snip-its
      • Fonts
      • Gambas-Code
        • Project-Name-1
        • Project-Name-2
      • Figues (contains images of figures to be included)
      • Listings (contains ascii text for program listings)


All Submissions: The submitter must have rights to submit all data (text, images, code, etc.) included in the submission, and agrees to settle any disputes with challenges to their content at their own cost in any court or by dispute resolution alternatives we deem necessary.

By submitting content of any type to Gambas Magazine, you grant an exclusive license to publish the content you provide. You also grant us a license to publish, distribute, modify and edit any content you provide.

If you have any questions about submitting content or data to Gambas Magazine, please contact us using our Contact page and be sure to select the proper department.

Thank you,

Gambas Magazine Editor-In-Chief


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