This list contains the themes for the next few issues of Gambas Magazine. We also include a list of possible articles that may be included in each issue. These articles have not been written yet, and if you would like to write an article listed here or have an idea for an article that may follow the theme of an issue please contact us. Also, if you have ideas for future articles or issue themes please let us know.


Randall Morgan – Editor, Gambas Magazine


* All Submission Closing Dates are at 12:00 Midnight Central Time Zone, on the date listed. Late Submissions may be allowed but you must contact the Editor for late submission approval at least 48 hours prior to close date. Note that the Editor, may or may not be available in that time period (I travel to remote locations often). So try to give as much notice as possible or your article may not make it into the issue.

Issue Publish Date *Submission Close Date Articles Ideas
 2014-07  2014/07/01  2014/06/15  Theme: Getting Our Feet Wet.

  • Introductory Articles of all kinds…


 2014-10  2014/10/01  2014/09/14  Theme: Creating Games and Animations With Gambas.

  • NCurses Retro Games
  • SDL Game
  • GUI Game (Perhaps a card game or mine sweeper)
  • Article on 3D Projection onto a 2D plane
  • Animated Screen Saver
  • Article on Animated Storybook
  • Article on Computer Games in Education
  • Article on Text based Games (Colossal Cave, etc…)
  • Article on Tiling
  • Anything Game or Animation Related
  • Disney’s Animation Techniques for films
 2014-12  2014/12/15  2014/11/30 Theme: Special Holiday Issue.

  • Greeting Card Printer
  • Holiday Screen Saver
  • Closing Out A Year of Gambas – Review of Gambas changes over the past year.
  • Welcoming A New Year of Gambas – Ideas and suggestions about where Gambas should go from here, and information about where Benoit wants Gambas to go…
 2015-02  2015/02/01  2014/12/28  Theme: Data Structures and Data Handling in Gambas.

  • Articles on Native Gambas Linked Lists, Queues, etc…
  • Articles on using The Data Structures Component
  • Articles on Cleaning Data
  • Articles on Scraping Data from Online Sources
  • Articles on Visualizing Data (Graphs/Plots, GUI’s, and Command line visualization techniques)
  • Articles on Learning from data
2015-05 2015/05/01 2015/03/28 Theme: Web Development With Gambas.

  • Setting up Gambas CGI with Apache
  • Gambas CGI Script Development
  • A Simple Blog in Gambas
  • Gambas and Ajax for Responsive Websites
  • Web Data Enter Application
  • Gambas and Online Gaming
  • Gambas and Ecommerce
2015-08 2015/08/01 2015/06/31 Theme: Back To BASIC(s) – Back to School Issue…

  • Articles on Educational Software written in Gambas
  • Introduction to Programming Concepts
  • Introduction to String Handling in Gambas
  • Simple Back to School Application in Gambas
    • Assignment Calender with Alarms
    • Note Taker (Notepad with text/html files organized by class)
    • Todo list generator/organizer
    • Student Budget Application
  • Simple Applications for Teachers
    • Grade Book
    • Lesson Planner
    • Student Attendance
    • Any application that might help a teacher/instructor
2015-11 2015/11/01 2015/09/27 Theme: Artificial Intelligence.

  • Machine Learning using Gambas and Octave
  • Sentiment Analysis with Gambas
  • Web Product Recommender using Gambas
  • Image Recognition with Gambas and Octave
  • Genetic Algorithms using Gambas
  • Using other tools for AI with Gambas



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