Gambas on Windows using CygWin?
Use Evolution to Solve Complex Problems
From Transistors to CPUs

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Here at Gambas Magazine we want to help promote this wonderful language and help educate anyone new to programming in general or new to Gambas.

A Little History

If you are new to Linux or the Open Source Community, then a little history will help to you.

Current Affairs

Reports and updates on Gambas issues from the mailing lists

Retro Game Lights Out!

In Lights Out, the game is played on 5×5 grid of buttons. When a button is clicked, its state (on/off) is toggled along with the state of it’s four cardinal neighbors.

Implementing a Collection using Mergesort

A good strategy to solve a complex problem is “divide and conquer”: we split our problem into smaller ones, which are easier to solve, and then try to combine the partial solutions to solve the initial, big problem.

Controlling an Arduino

The Arduino Single Board Computer is an amazing little device. For those of us who grew up hacking hardware it is astounding to think that for $30 you can have a little computer with more horse power under the hood than my first several machines had!

How to Run Gambas on Windows

In this article author R. Morgan describes how you can use Sun Microsystem’s VirtualBox to install and run Gambas

Understanding Computer Architecture

Have you ever wondered about how a computer program manipulates the underlying hard? Or, why computers use the binary numbering system? Perhaps you’ve found yourself pondering what is inside a CPU, or how your voice gets converted into a digital file stored on disk?

Getting Started With Genetic Programming

GP is a powerful system built on a really simple idea, to solve complex problems using an evolutionary approach.

Protected: Programmatic Thinking – An Introduction to Algorithms

An introduction to computational thinking for programming novice.

Project Spot Light – Gambas On Windows

The challenging part now, is to go through all the gambas examples and check that they are working properly.

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