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New Issue In The Works

Hello Everyone,

After almost a year away from Gambas Magazine and all my projects, it is time to get back into things. I will have limited time and energy to invest for sometime to come, so things may not happen as scheduled, and without people submitting content the issues may be light. So I urge those who are interested in submitting ideas and articles for a new issue to contact me.

Currently, the next issue has no publication date and will be published as soon as it is completed. With the limited energy I have to invest I will need all the help the community can offer. Also, I have spent 11 months away from Gambas and software development so I may be a bit rusty… However, I believe that this project is a worthy expenditure of my time and effort.

I know there were issues with the first issue. I will review the comments and work to resolve them. However, know that this is not a professional magazine nor I am or any of the other contributors professional writers, publishers or editors. So be patient with us as we learn and refine the process of publishing a magazine. This is a labor of love and not one for profit. No one here has made a cent or is trying to. We are only trying to spread the word and educate people about a wonderful programming language and the many ways to use it.

I want to thank all the contributors of the first issue, and also those who left comments and constructive criticism. All those comments will help us to improve our processes and the quality of the magazine in future issues.

I truly want to thank Tobias and all those who helped by contributing to the first issue. And let us not forget those who spent their valuable time editing and providing artwork. You are all amazing people!

Lastly, I would love to hear from readers and the Gambas community about what they would like to see in the magazine. At the moment advertisement space is free to anyone who supports the Gambas community and is needed to help fill out the pages. I will even extend this to those who have websites supporting Gambas that would like to promote their site provided that we have space and the site reflects the ideals of the magazine. Namely, to promote, teach and demonstrate Gambas and software development in general.


Randall Morgan

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Hi Everyone,

Due to personal issues the latest issue of Gambas Magazine will be a few weeks late. I will send out a notice when the issue is completed on both the Gambas users mailing list and to all those who subscribe to this site. I apologies for the delay and the inconvenience this may cause you.



R. Morgan, Editor

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A Community Effort

Gambas Magazine released it’s first issue on July 1st of 2014. The second issue is now in the works. However, we are still in great need of content. Writing an entire magazine on my own wasn’t the plan for this project. Gambas Magazine is a community effort meant to allow those who feel they have something to share, to share it with others. You don’t need to be an expert in any subject. You do not need to be a great writer. You only need to be willing to write. We will provide guidance and editing as needed.

If Gambas Magazine is to survive we need content, artists, writers, editors and reviewers. We also need columnists willing to write a column once every quarter.

Our current issue is on game and graphics programming. With only a month left before release I have very little content and an over loaded work schedule. So I am asking the Gambas community to once again contribute articles and ideas. If you want Gambas Magazine to continue, then step up and help or it will eventually drift off into the vapor that swallows up so many good projects.




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A Call to Arms!

Gambas Magazine provides tutorials, news, articles and projects to support the growing Gambas software development community. We are currently working on our flagship issue and will publish a new issue every three months starting in July 2014. We are in need of content, article suggestions, and artwork.

Each month we will post a list of topics and ask for writers, artists, and users to submit their ideas and works for one or more topics of choice. The topics will usually be technical in nature. However, fun and games, science, and art, and many other topics will be discussed.

The magazine will have articles for several departments including:

  • Editorial
  • News
  • Tutorial
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Topic Articles
  • User comments


Our first issue will contain articles for the following department topics:

Issue Theme:  Getting our feet wet

  • News:¬†GambOS
  • Tutorials: An Introduction to Gambas 3.x
  • Advanced: Sorting Algorithms
  • Introduction to Genetic Programming (Completed)
  • Controlling The Arduino (Completed)
  • Understanding Computer Architecture – From Transistors to PCs (Completed)
  • A Little History – On Personal Computers and OSS (Completed)
  • How to Run Gambas on Windows – Using VirtualBox (Completed)
  • User Comments
  • Open for suggestions and submissions….

If you have questions, suggestions, or submissions or are interested in advertising with us, please contact us using our contact form <here>.


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