Gambas Magazine is currently offering Free Ad space to help us fill out our pages. If you are interested in a free listing, then follow the standard advertising guidelines for our site presented below.


Advertising with us is as easy as creating a banner image of a web-standard size and type. Ads may not contain offensive content, images and/or verbiage. Ads must be community appropriate for the content and mission of Gambas Magazine. We reserve the right to refuse to carry any advertisement that contains non-appropriate or offensive content. The Gambas Magazine editors shall be the soul judge of whether your ad content is appropriate for our publication. Appropriate ad content should provide some value to our audience and the context may alter the content appropriateness for our publication.

Advertisement formats

We primarily use ad banners. These banners are images of various sizes and must be in either jpeg, png, or non-animated gif formats.

We support banners with the dimensions show in figure 1. However, we cannot always fit every size to the magazine pages. So adjustments are sometimes made to keep a pleasent page layout. We do not currently support or allow animated or video ads.

Public Service Ads

We do sometimes provide free and for fee public service ads. For fee public service ads must follow our standard guidelines. Free ads are granted as gifts to what we consider worthy causes. Gambas Magazine editors are the soul decision makers on what constitutes a worthy cause.  Free ads must follow all the paid ad guidelines. We place stricker dimensional limitations on free and community service ads. Banners for these ads may only be of 125×125, 120×90, 120×60, 120×240, and 120×320 pixels in size. This corresponds to Square Button, Button 1, Button 2, Vertical Banner, and Half Skyscraper. Other sizes may be considered upon request. The placement of public service ads is not guaranteed in any particular issue. However, we always strive to fit each and every advertisement into an issue.

Accepted Banner Ad Sizes
figure 1

Ad Fees

Our Ad fees have yet to be determined. Our intention is to keep Gambas Magazine open and freely distributed. Our fees will be set at some future date when our readership population warrants paid fees. The fees will help us offset the cost of running the magazine. At this time, if you wish to pay for an advertisement of larger size than those provided for the free ads, contact us and we will discuss it.

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