A Community Effort

A Community Effort

Gambas Magazine released it’s first issue on July 1st of 2014. The second issue is now in the works. However, we are still in great need of content. Writing an entire magazine on my own wasn’t the plan for this project. Gambas Magazine is a community effort meant to allow those who feel they have something to share, to share it with others. You don’t need to be an expert in any subject. You do not need to be a great writer. You only need to be willing to write. We will provide guidance and editing as needed.

If Gambas Magazine is to survive we need content, artists, writers, editors and reviewers. We also need columnists willing to write a column once every quarter.

Our current issue is on game and graphics programming. With only a month left before release I have very little content and an over loaded work schedule. So I am asking the Gambas community to once again contribute articles and ideas. If you want Gambas Magazine to continue, then step up and help or it will eventually drift off into the vapor that swallows up so many good projects.