A Call to Arms!

A Call to Arms!

Gambas Magazine provides tutorials, news, articles and projects to support the growing Gambas software development community. We are currently working on our flagship issue and will publish a new issue every three months starting in July 2014. We are in need of content, article suggestions, and artwork.

Each month we will post a list of topics and ask for writers, artists, and users to submit their ideas and works for one or more topics of choice. The topics will usually be technical in nature. However, fun and games, science, and art, and many other topics will be discussed.

The magazine will have articles for several departments including:

  • Editorial
  • News
  • Tutorial
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Topic Articles
  • User comments


Our first issue will contain articles for the following department topics:

Issue Theme:  Getting our feet wet

  • News: GambOS
  • Tutorials: An Introduction to Gambas 3.x
  • Advanced: Sorting Algorithms
  • Introduction to Genetic Programming (Completed)
  • Controlling The Arduino (Completed)
  • Understanding Computer Architecture – From Transistors to PCs (Completed)
  • A Little History – On Personal Computers and OSS (Completed)
  • How to Run Gambas on Windows – Using VirtualBox (Completed)
  • User Comments
  • Open for suggestions and submissions….

If you have questions, suggestions, or submissions or are interested in advertising with us, please contact us using our contact form <here>.



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